Laser Tag Arena at Luigi’s

Luigi’s Laser Tag is for anyone Age 6-96!

Size restrictions may prohibit some players from participating. We use the industry leading Lasertron system. The Lasertron system makes laser tag fun for young people, while remaining challenging enough to entertain older guests.

What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag takes a normal game of tag to a whole new level! Each player has a phaser which emits a beam of light, either red or green. The object is to tag other players with your phaser without get-ting tagged yourself. The player or team with the highest score at the end of each games wins. Game format vary with group size.

The Arena

With 4500 square feet, Luigi’s Laser Tag arena is one of the largest laser tag arenas in the state of Illinios! The arena has many coves and columns to hide behind and is also lit with black lights illuminating the amazing walls and obstacles. Multiple levels are accessible by ramps that allow for even more places to hide and tag from. Our uniquely designed arena ensures a different laser tag experience than you would get anywhere else!

Teams & Players

Players are randomly divided into two teams. Red and Green with the option of adding a 3rd team Blue. We can accommodate up to 28 players at one time.

Laser Tag In C.H.I.P.S. Mode

C.H.I.P.S., which stands for Competitive Human Interactive Player Software, is what makes Luigi’s Laser Tag more fun, more challenging, and more interesting than any other Laser Tag! During Base Games, players randomly receive a variety of “power-ups” than can make them invincible, increase rapid fire speed, or allowed to re-energize teammates. These are just a few of the C.H.I.P.S. possibilities. With C.H.I.P.S., Luigi’s Laser Tag stays on the cutting edge.

Laser Tag Parties

A laser tag party is a great time for everyone, from kids to adults! Families have a great time playing together and forming teams. Whether it’s for a birthday party, fundraiser, or just for fun, bring your group to Luigi’s for fun in our three-level laser tag arena.

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Laser Tag Arena



  • 30 Minute Session – $16/Person
  • 60 Minute Session – $26/Person


  • 30 Minute Session – $14/Person

  • 60 Minute Session – $22/Person


(Can accommodate up to 32 people)

  • Per 30 Minute Session – $336

A $3 per person deposit is required to make a 30 minute session Laser Tag reservation. A $6 per person deposit is required for a 60 minute session reservation.

Laser Tag Arena

Laser Tag Rules

  • NO Running
  • DON’T Climb
  • DON’T Lie Down
  • REMAIN 5 Feet From Other Players
  • DON’T Chew Gum
  • OBEY Your Referee

Our Referees monitor all activity in the arena during game play. Parents are not required to supervise younger guests, but are encouraged to play!

Walk-Ins Welcome

Unless a party has rented the entire arena, walk-ins are always welcome to join in anytime! Playing with more people makes it more exciting! Groups of four or five can often play anytime, but calling ahead, checking availability, and reserving a playing time is highly recommended.

Laser Tag Arena


Weekdays: 4PM to CLOSE

Weekends: OPEN to CLOSE